The Lord’s Word to His Church: Thyatira (Revelation 2:18–29)

Now you can open you Bible to Revelation, chapter 2, if you will. We are looking at Revelation, chapter 1, 2, and 3, under the heading “The Lord Speaks to His Church in a Hostile World.”

We live in a hostile world. The church always lives in a hostile world because, as we saw this morning, the world is always hostile toward the church. And that is the context for the letters that we read in chapters 2 and 3. There are seven letters here contained in the book of Revelation in these two chapters that our Lord Himself wrote to seven actual churches in Asia Minor – which would be today, Turkey, the area of Turkey.

     To each of those churches, the Lord wrote a specific letter based upon that church’s condition and need. These churches are actual churches, historic churches, but they also demonstrate to us the various kinds of churches that exist in all ages, so that the Lord’s message to these churches transcends them and must be given to churches in all ages of church history. Each of these letters marks out a uniqueness of the church. Five out of the seven identify serious problems that the Lord addresses, and serious warnings, and even threats that come from Him.


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The Jezebel Spirit book

This book is a comprehensive look at the occult (hidden) spirits the Bible calls Jezebel and Ahab.

They work in conjunction with Lillith’s vampirism and incubus and succubus spirits. This spirit oversees the spirit of whoredoms in all its unfaithfulness. This spirit has been called many names through the ages, and will emerge in full power in these last days. May the Spirit of Elijah empower you to see and defeat Jezebel in these last days.
Určené pre cirkvi,  modlitebné skupiny, autority  ..atď. pre hlbšie štúdium a poznanie o deštruktívnom duchu  napádajúceho najmä prorockého Božieho ducha, autority a rodiny.
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Twenty-one Jezebelic Footprints

A Jezebel spirit is a controlling spirit of witchcraft.  Contrary to popular belief, Jezebel does not does not actually have a gender, and works through men just as well as through women. There are in fact more male witches than female in the Bible. Jezebel means “to exalt Baal” and we know from the Old Testament that when Jezebel came up against Elijah she had 450 male followers who were worshippers of Baal and served him.

“Now therefore send, and gather to me all Israel unto mount Carmel, and the prophets of Baal four hundred and fifty, and the prophets of the groves four hundred, which eat at Jezebel’s table.” (1 Kings 18:19)

“What peace, as long as the harlotries of your mother Jezebel and her witchcraft are so many?” (2 Kings 9:22)

“For you shall no longer be called The Lady of Kingdoms (Queen of the Kingdoms) And you said, ‘I shall be a lady forever,’ (Eternal Queen)” (Isaiah 47:5 ,7)

Jezebel is an international principality. It usually works with other principalities.

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Charismatic Witchcraft ( Charizmatické čarodejníctvo )

Witchcraft is the control of others, imposing one’s will upon them, usually for a negative result. It is bondage to the victim.

Four areas of human resources used to produce a spiritual result:

domination, intimidation, manipulation, and emotional blackmail.

I Domination

Pharisees are an easy example to use, as those who desire to build their little kingdoms, rather than the kingdom of God- and they did indeed use domination of the people in the time of Jesus. The Pharisees do not approach the Lord from a pure, selfish heart. Some people don’t have a concern for what the Lord wants, but are far more interested in what they want. This self-centered attitude has destroyed many churches, and taken down many men of God. People will use charismatic witchcraft to get their way in the local body, many of them are troublemakers who travel from one church to another if they can’t get what they want, and they leave in their wake a large number of innocent victims who are confused and hurting. Most are Jezebel spirits who wish to control and manipulate others. The idea is to destroy the work of God, and establish Satan’s (or man’s ) plan.

examples :

the message that only the pastor, or designated minister, is “anointed.” You are nothing, and need to depend on them to make decisions for you.

people who inappropriately complain, or challenge, the ways of the church and wish others to conform to their ways. critical of others, unless there is agreement with them.

A pastor requires “dancing before the lord” a to be considered spiritual. You are really dancing before the pastor, to please him, and get his approval.

any list of harsh demands by leadership to make people submissive, and dependent

somehow you get the feeling that the church owns you, and you need to sacrifice everything for it, including putting your family second to the needs of the church

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The destructive Strongholds of Jezebel and Ahab

“The spiritual world,

with its opposing forces of good and evil, is a world that is in one sense more real and relevant than the natural realm we live in. The kingdom of darkness is waging all -out war against the Kingdom of God and the Bible tells us that as spirit beings, we are caught in a struggle between these two realms. We struggle with “unseen entities” that manifest themselves through people by influencing their thinking – and thereby their actions. In these last days of the Church, the thrust of the enemy is mighty as he tries to establish strongholds in people’s minds and seduce our world to come under the control of Jezebel and other evil principalities and powers.”
(Steve Sampson -Confronting Jezebel (2012), p.29)

The Ahab Spirit

This video is the companion video to The Jezebel Spirit video.

Ahab and Jezebel were king and queen back in Biblical times.

There are specific demonic spirits that are named Jezebel and Ahab because of their characteristics that are similar to the Biblical Jezebel and Ahab. This is an interesting subject that we are just touching the surface in these videos.

Jezebel Spirit In The Bible Meaning

Jezebel Spirit in the Bible is defined as a spirit that cannot be ignored. Don’t let the spirit of Jezebel control your life. Sharpen your spiritual discernment, understand the definition of Jezebel spirits, the meaning of attacks, and stop this spirit early. This is the testimony of a woman battling Jezebel at church and home.
“I have experienced Jezebel in secular society and the Church. The Church was the worst because you are supposedly dealing with your Sister’s in Christ and boy does she love to prophesy.The knowledge I needed didn’t come to me until reading Revelation Chapter Two that it was a sin to tolerate Jezebel and how she hates the prophets.

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Jezebel & Ahab – Scott Boyd

Cross from page 9 of book

Jezebel and Ahab:

First, the battle regarding the Jezebel spirit is a very intense battle and it is not a quick easy fix. It may take some of you months or even years to fully conquer. DO NOT GIVE UP! Victory is assured because of the cross! Some things you will have to do which I will talk about later in this book are:
1.Make a list of everyone you need to forgive and truly forgive them
2.Make a list of any possible idols in your life or ancestry and repent of them getting cleansed of all iniquity
3. Humble yourself and learn about the subtle deadly enemy of Leviathan (spirit of pride) who has taken down many powerful ministries.
4. Conquer fears in your life
5. Learn what it means to renew your mind and aggressively renew your mind and conquer lust.
6. You will also learn about soulish (mental and emotional) strongholds and how to conquer them.
7. Let the Lord tear down the strongholds within you that are allowing the enemy‘s influence
8. Learn the tactics of the Jezebel and Ahab spirits and scriptural keys to defeating them.
Humility will be one of the greatest keys to your victory. So many people deal with pride and false humility. If you are truly humble, God can use other people to point out things to you that you need to deal with. Also, God can correct you, but if you are prideful, you will have to
learn the same lessons through falling into sin and destruction (Proverbs 16:18). Through my experience of trying to help people with a Jezebel spirit, pride was the greatest hindrance to their freedom.


Jezebel Spirit – Powerful Heartbreak Demon #jezebel

The name Jezebel

came to be associated with false prophets, and further associated by the early 20th century with fallen or abandoned women. In Christian lore, a comparison to Jezebel suggested that a person was a pagan or an apostate masquerading as a servant of God. By manipulation and/or seduction, she misled the saints of God into sins of idolatry and sexual immorality. In particular, Jezebel has come to be associated with promiscuity. In modern usage, the name of Jezebel is sometimes used as a synonym for sexually promiscuous and sometimes controlling women. In his two-volume Guide to the Bible (1967 and 1969), Isaac Asimov describes Jezebel’s last act: dressing in all her finery, make-up and jewelry, as deliberately symbolic, indicating her dignity, royal status and determination to go out of this life as a queen.



to achieve what he / she wants.This person is DEMON POSSESSED. A person who feels DEPRESSION may be under pressure by a JEZEBEL SPIRIT. This Demonic Spirit uses INTIMIDATION and MANIPULATION. The demon possessed person is a PSYCHOPATH full of selfish EGO and loves only him/herself.

Jezebels / Narcissists are DEMON POSSESSED

Want to learn more about the Jezebel/Narcissistic spirit

from the Christian viewpoint and learn how to deal with this wicked spirit from a scriptural perspective? Go ahead and give this video a look and get the help you need from God and His Word to deal with this spirit directly and get the freedom you so need and wan

One from comments to video:

” These Narcs are a Jezebel demon. They HATE you and will fool you as being loving. They are only focused on destroying you. The Holy Spirit will save you and if you ask for mercy and forgiveness for exposing yourself to this demon He will free you. Do not be fooled, they are REAL AND DEADLY. Their hate is demonic and love to destroy Christians. I thank God He saved me from this Jezebel I was married to…..”

The Eijah spirit – the Jezebel spirit


1. Elijah is confronted by Jezebel – 1 Kings 18-21

2. John the Baptist’s Elijah spirit confronted by Jezebel
spirit in Herodias
3. Jezebel in the church at Thyatira
4. Is it possible to overcome a Jezebel spirit?
5. The Warning Signs of a Jezebel spirit

Characteristics of the Ahab Spirit

Passive people like Ahab

tend to be overmerciful, seeing the best in every person and overlooking too much. They forgive others too quickly (not making them aware of their offense) and also forgive people who have not asked for forgiveness and are not even remorseful. This almost certainly guarantees the abuser’s continued behavior. Aggressive people like Jezebel are on the other extreme — harsh in their expectations and unforgiving when people do not meet their unrealistic expectations.

For more characteristics – open the  link to web side



1. These notes are the information I can personally relate to from first hand experience
through years of deliverance ministry. (Not meant to be exhaustive or conclusive).
2. My goal is to empower the INDIVIDUAL BELIEVER to overcome these strongholds
PERSONALLY in order to gain spiritual authority for CORPORATE breakthrough.
3. IT ISN’T ENOUGH to just REBUKE or BIND. We must OVERCOME! We must WALK IN
the opposite spirit. (Disciples never addressed territorial spirits or principalities. They
ministered to individuals and brought them to Christ. Simon the Sorcerer, example.)
4. Defeating these ruling spirits always starts on the GROUND LEVEL.
5. Same PRINCIPLES apply to personal and corpo
rate breakthrough (deliverance). (Isaiah 61)
a.Difference between stronghold and demonic stronghold.
b.You can be a PRISONER by way of sinful words or actions (Unforgiveness huge)
c.You can be HELD CAPTIVE by a LIE/ungodly beliefs.
6. In this study, we want to CHANGE MINDSETS and EXPOSE UNGODLY BELIEFS.
7. We will do this in 3 sections with prayers for each section.


Characteristics of Ahab
(for Biblical basis see 1Kings 16:29 through 2Kings 9:37 and tape of 6/15/03)

– has handed over responsibility and authority to Jezebel
– because he has surrendered his “manhood” and “headship” responsibilities
– beaten down into submission
– totally fed up with his life and his circumstances, but powerless to do anything about it
– Ahab fears Jezebel, but fear is the underlying need that Jezebel fulfills – a typical “double-bind”
– the Ahab man is constantly frustrated because his needs become secondary and only are
fulfilled if Jezebel decides to do something about it for him
– Ahab hates himself and hates his Jezebel and, therefore, hates everything and everyone
– once control and authority was handed over to Jezebel, he is a puppet at her command which leaves him feeling helpless and hopeless
– can no longer make decisions; has ceded that right to Jezebel and is afraid to come against her
– enjoys not having the weight of responsibility, which makes Ahab conscienceless
– it’s always someone else’s responsibility, which gets to be a way of life for Ahab
– as a counterfeit of the love he doesn’t’ receive from his Jezebel
– can always explain things away, especially in his own mind
– a root cause of Ahab tendencies which Jezebel at first seems to fulfill, but which later turns into loss of self, another form of rejection
Spiritual blindness
– the Jezebel and Ahab spirits are so anti-Christ that it is very difficult for the light of
Truth to penetrate the darkness
if Ahab does not find an outlet for his pent up anger, frustration and hatred, he may turn on
Wounded ego/spirit
– Ahab’s self-esteem and self-worth are extremely low which can cause him to do
things to feed his pride which will manifest in settings outside Jezebel’s influence