Breaking Generational Curses (Prelomenie generačných prekliatí)

Derek Prince: Breaking Generational Curses

Derek Prince was an international Bible teacher whose daily radio programme Derek Prince Legacy Radio broadcasts to half the population of the world in various languages. He was probably most noted for his teachings about deliverance from demonic oppression and about Israel. He was best known in Pentecostal and Charismatic circles although his teaching is distinctly non-denominational, a fact that has long been emphasised by his worldwide ministry.

Deliverance from Demons (Bill Surbritzky) – Oslobodenie od démonov a iné príručky

Príručku pre službu oslobodzovania a uzdravenia od Bill Surbritzky si môžete stiahnuť  tu:


Príručka Ako prelomiť duchovné väzby:



Knižka Tajomstvo Božieho požehnania:



Knižka Ako oslobodiť od démonov a prelomiť bezbožné väzby:


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Keys to Healing and Deliverance with Bill Subritzky

Keys to Healing and Deliverance video includes How to Break Curses International speaker Bill Subritzky from Auckland, New Zealand teaches on the keys to receive Healing and Deliverance and points to things that hinder this process.

Issues key to our Christian faith are discussed in this video including how to be healed and delivered from the demonic, healing at the cross and having faith in God. For more than 45 years Bill Subritzky has had an interdenominational world-wide ministry of evangelism and teaching. He has conducted meetings and seminars on almost every continent. While his primary focus is on salvation, in the course of his meetings he has operated in the gifts of the Holy Spirit, including deliverance, discernment of spirits, healing, miracles, prophecy, tongues and the word of knowledge. For more information go to

Voľne dostupné príručky na webe v anglickom jazyku pre službu oslobodzovania, uzdravovania a duchovného boja od Gene Moodyho

Nasledujúce príručky pre službu oslobodzovania, uzdravovania a duchovného boja  sú voľne dostupné k stiahnutiu:


A comprehensive deliverance instruction manual


A How To Guide for the Deliverance Worker

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