Yoga and the Occult: Ex Witch Tells All

Yoga is a very popular form of fitness in this day and age. It is touted as a perfect way to relax, get fit, and become more spiritually aware.

However, yoga is actually a form of spiritual alignment with the kundalini spirit, aka the goddess Shakti.

Watch as Beth shares her experiences with yoga, how it affected her life, and how it was used in satanic ritual abuse.

Demonic oppresion or biochemical imbalance?

What is the role of occult involvement?
1. Personal History:
• personal involvement with obviously occult practices
• Family history: only when overtly supported by evidence (not just hunches, or charismatic „imaging“)
• Therapy history:
a) Did the symptoms respond to medication?
b) Have there been previous prayers for deliverance?
2. Symptoms
•Mental problems
(anxiety, depression, hearing voices, chronic doubts, tantrums etc.), sleep disorders and other undesirable behaviors are not sufficient !! They can usually be explained through the nature of fallen humanity.
•Medial gifts (precognition etc.)??
• Effects on the spiritual life:
a) Conscious continuation of obvious cultic / occultic involvement. 
b) Resistance against Bible, God, prayer, Christian counseling and the name of Jesus, while at the same time functioning normally.
•Possession (very rare!): only on the basis of cultic / occultic involvement: trance conditions, foreign voices, poltergeist phenomena (exclude other explanations!!)

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Wiccan symbol over a cros

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