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1. These notes are the information I can personally relate to from first hand experience
through years of deliverance ministry. (Not meant to be exhaustive or conclusive).
2. My goal is to empower the INDIVIDUAL BELIEVER to overcome these strongholds
PERSONALLY in order to gain spiritual authority for CORPORATE breakthrough.
3. IT ISN’T ENOUGH to just REBUKE or BIND. We must OVERCOME! We must WALK IN
the opposite spirit. (Disciples never addressed territorial spirits or principalities. They
ministered to individuals and brought them to Christ. Simon the Sorcerer, example.)
4. Defeating these ruling spirits always starts on the GROUND LEVEL.
5. Same PRINCIPLES apply to personal and corpo
rate breakthrough (deliverance). (Isaiah 61)
a.Difference between stronghold and demonic stronghold.
b.You can be a PRISONER by way of sinful words or actions (Unforgiveness huge)
c.You can be HELD CAPTIVE by a LIE/ungodly beliefs.
6. In this study, we want to CHANGE MINDSETS and EXPOSE UNGODLY BELIEFS.
7. We will do this in 3 sections with prayers for each section.

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