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Jezebel & Ahab – Scott Boyd


Cross from page 9 of book

Jezebel and Ahab:

First, the battle regarding the Jezebel spirit is a very intense battle and it is not a quick easy fix. It may take some of you months or even years to fully conquer. DO NOT GIVE UP! Victory is assured because of the cross! Some things you will have to do which I will talk about later in this book are:
1.Make a list of everyone you need to forgive and truly forgive them
2.Make a list of any possible idols in your life or ancestry and repent of them getting cleansed of all iniquity
3. Humble yourself and learn about the subtle deadly enemy of Leviathan (spirit of pride) who has taken down many powerful ministries.
4. Conquer fears in your life
5. Learn what it means to renew your mind and aggressively renew your mind and conquer lust.
6. You will also learn about soulish (mental and emotional) strongholds and how to conquer them.
7. Let the Lord tear down the strongholds within you that are allowing the enemy‘s influence
8. Learn the tactics of the Jezebel and Ahab spirits and scriptural keys to defeating them.
Humility will be one of the greatest keys to your victory. So many people deal with pride and false humility. If you are truly humble, God can use other people to point out things to you that you need to deal with. Also, God can correct you, but if you are prideful, you will have to
learn the same lessons through falling into sin and destruction (Proverbs 16:18). Through my experience of trying to help people with a Jezebel spirit, pride was the greatest hindrance to their freedom.


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