AHAB SPIRIT – THE REAL PROBLEM (Duch Achaba – reálny problém )

– once control and authority was handed over to Jezebel, he is a puppet at her command which leaves him feeling helpless and hopeles
– can no longer make decisions; has ceded that right to Jezebel and is afraid to come against her
– enjoys not having the weight of responsibility, which makes Ahab conscienceless
– it’s always someone else’s responsibility, which gets to be a way of life for Ahab
– as a counterfeit of the love he doesn’t’ receive from his Jezebel
– can always explain things away, especially in his own mind
– a root cause of Ahab tendencies which Jezebel at first seems to fulfill, but which later turns into loss of self, another form of rejection
Spiritual blindness
– the Jezebel and Ahab spirits are so anti-Christ that it is very difficult for the light of
Truth to penetrate the darkness
if Ahab does not find an outlet for his pent up anger, frustration and hatred, he may turn on
Wounded ego/spirit
– Ahab’s self-esteem and self-worth are extremely low which can cause him to do
things to feed his pride which will manifest in settings outside Jezebel’s influence

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