Confronting and Overcoming the Ahab Spirit

God designed men to be the heads over their families. When this is not happening in the way God intended, it can result in serious consequences for the marriage and children. One reason a man might not take his proper role is when he is being influenced by an “Ahab spirit.” Helping men overcome the Ahab spirit helps men become better men, which makes for happier women. It allows men to become better husbands and fathers and to be better leaders. Ahab embodies a particular type of spirit. King Ahab was a real historical person, but when we talk about „an Ahab Spirit,“ we are talking about a demonic spirit that acts through people, particularly men, to cause them to act and manifest the same kind of behavior as did King Ahab. Let’s consider some of the characteristics of King Ahab, and therefore of an Ahab Spirit. The best way to see how this spirit manifests is to consider some of the characteristics seen in the historic King Ahab. Let’s take a look at some of the things that scripture tells us about him.

Characteristics of Ahab

1) Ahab was not a man of conviction.
2) Ahab was not a man of action.
3) Ahab blames, and will not take responsibility.
4) Ahab won’t restrain Jezebel.
5) Ahab is not a man of strength.
6) Ahab exercises poor judgment.
7) Ahab is moody and childish.
8) Ahab abdicates and refuses to engage.
9) Ahab is willing to deceive himself, hide, be passive, and pretend that bad things aren’t
10) Ahab is not a leader.

How Does a Man Become A Man?

The point is that a man must, at some point, leave childhood and become able to take on the role of manhood. To do this, he needs to confirm his ability to endure and overcome, to take responsibility and to risk something.

Characteristics of Men

Men were called to rule, to subdue, to be fruitful and multiply. They are naturally attracted to sports, sales, and the challenge to achieve, explore, build, and conquer. It is unnatural for a man not to be this way. If he is not, it is because something happened, or failed to happen to him as a boy or young man, something that resulted in him never becoming established and secure in his masculinity. I would like to say to the wives that it is better for you not to try and find out what your husband’s issue is. Instead, encourage him to go to a man that he can trust. This can be a pastor, or mentor, or simply a brother in the Lord. Remember, you can’t confer manhood on him, so there is no real reason for you, wives, to know what the real issue is. You aren’t the problem, and you aren’t the solution. It can even be unhealthy for him to tell you because he may look to you as an answer for his lack, and you can’t really be that for him.

What Does True Manhood Look Like?

Just as we looked at a scriptural example to show us what a spirit that robs a man of his masculinity looks like, we can also find an example in the scripture of what true manhood looks like. To do this, we will look at the man that God raised up to judge Ahab’s house, Jehu.
1) Jehu is a leader.
2) Jehu is a man of action.
3) Jehu is a man of strength.
4) Jehu restrains Jezebel.
5) Jehu is a man of conviction.

How To Be Successful as a Man

 Some of the attributes of manhood are: Self-control, humility, fear of the Lord, passion, zeal, and leadership. What is not true manhood is being macho, aggressive,ruthless, or cruel. Manhood is leadership, and leadership is always for the sake of others. To be successful as a man, absolutely the most important thing that you can do is to be single-minded in your devotion to and service for Christ.

How to Improve the Situation You are In Now

What happens if your home is in trouble and your relationships with your wife and/or children are difficult? You have the ability to change the situation. If you want the wife and family that you have now to be different, then:
 1) You need to take the lead by first and foremost taking responsibility for your walk with the Lord.
2) Secondly, you need to make your wife glad that she is a woman. This means to notice her and compliment her. Women want to be chosen and pursued. You need to always be courteous and a gentleman.
3) Understand that leadership is for her help and redemption, so you need to be willing to take charge and not make excuses. You are called to be the spiritual head of your household. Being a husband is not a talent or a gift, it is a role.
4) Love her with the love described in 1 Corinthians 13.
5) Remember that you are an heir together with her of the grace of life, so respect her like a princess or a daughter of God. Forgive her quickly, and ask for her forgiveness quickly.
Deliverance from an Ahab Spirit begins with taking absolute, total responsibility for where you and your family are right now. You cannot make any excuses. This goes for your marriage situation, but also for your financial, health, and ministry situations as well. Wherever you are now, it is not someone else’s fault. Life may sometimes play difficult cards for you to handle, but if it does, it is your chance to be a man and to play the hand to win.

Prayer for Deliverance from an Ahab Spirit

I accept responsibility for where I am right now spiritually, financially, in my marriage and relationships, as a parent, in ministry, and with my health. I cry out to you to show me how I can move forward from here. I make a commitment right now to take the lead in my life and in my family. I make a commitment to take responsibility for my spiritual life. I make a commitment to make my wife glad that she is a woman and that she is my wife. I make a commitment to make my children glad that I am their father and to make them proud of me. I make a commitment to lead my wife and family even if they don’t want to be led and even if they make it hard for me to move in my authority and headship. I make a commitment to love my wife and children with the love described in 1Corinthians 13. I make a commitment to remember that she and I are heirs together with Christ, to forgive her for anything, at any time, under any circumstances, and to ask for her forgiveness as well.
In Jesus Name,

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