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Confronting and Overcoming the Ahab Spirit

God designed men to be the heads over their families. When this is not happening in the way God intended, it can result in serious consequences for the marriage and children. One reason a man might not take his proper role is when he is being influenced by an “Ahab spirit.” Helping men overcome the Ahab spirit helps men become better men, which makes for happier women. It allows men to become better husbands and fathers and to be better leaders. Ahab embodies a particular type of spirit. King Ahab was a real historical person, but when we talk about „an Ahab Spirit,“ we are talking about a demonic spirit that acts through people, particularly men, to cause them to act and manifest the same kind of behavior as did King Ahab. Let’s consider some of the characteristics of King Ahab, and therefore of an Ahab Spirit. The best way to see how this spirit manifests is to consider some of the characteristics seen in the historic King Ahab. Let’s take a look at some of the things that scripture tells us about him.

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