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Confronting and Overcoming the Ahab Spirit


Prayer for Deliverance from an Ahab Spirit

I accept responsibility for where I am right now spiritually, financially, in my marriage and relationships, as a parent, in ministry, and with my health. I cry out to you to show me how I can move forward from here. I make a commitment right now to take the lead  in my life and in my family. I make a commitment to take responsibility for my spiritual life. I make a commitment to make my wife glad that she is a woman and that she is my wife. I make a commitment to make my children glad that I am their father and to make them proud of me. I make a commitment to lead my wife and family even if they don’t want to be led and even if they make it hard for me to move in my authority and headship. I make a commitment to love my wife and children with the love described in 1 Corinthians 13. I make a commitment to remember that she and I are heirs together with Christ, to forgive her for anything, at any time, under any circumstances, and to ask for her forgiveness as well. In Jesus Name,

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