Former Occult Grand Master Now In Christ Speaks | Techniques Of Astral Attacks./Bývalý veľmajster okultizmu, kresťan o technikách astrálneho útoku

A master of Vedic Metaphysic and one time visiting Professor, Metaphysical Research Association of Nigeria, University of Ibadan, was, before his direct strange encounter with Our Lord Jesus Christ, “”the Living Grand Master, Order of Terrestrial and Astral Hierarchy”. He was the founder and 1st Adept of an occult secret society – THE COMANS ORDER. Also he was amongst others Defender of the Ancient (secret) Order of Lord Yima of Persia, ‘worshipful Master of the Abra Melin Hierarchy’and ‘Legate of the Mephistophelian Astral Chambers’’.

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