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When Christian witches attack you

On several occasions Christian witches have attacked our ministry. We were holding a conference in Central America. It takes a lot of prayer, hard work and finances to organize conferences and crusades. The week before our crusade three Christian witches came to the house of one of our conference organizers. Holding large rusty spikes in their hands they began to prophesy three curses against our meetings. Can you imagine that? Each spike was representative of some type of suffering we would face during the meetings. They cursed our health, finances and attendance. Our organizer was shocked and rebuked them in Jesus Name. They left.

After some investigation we discovered Communists were behind the attack and conspired to stop our meetings in the country by releasing demonic curses. These three Christian witches were in league with a Communists political party and members of a religious denomination that did not want any “competition for souls” in their city.

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