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How the Jezebel Spirit Makes Eunuchs

Stop Jezebel Spirit Attacks, FAST! All you need is a little help from someone that knows what you should do. To stop the Jezebel spirit, you need some help. You need an easy strategy that will put an end to that spirit’s wicked attacks against you. Talk about the spirit of Jezebel is one thing, revelation and practical ways to help you overcome the spirit of Jezebel is another. Jezebel’s eunuchs have no spiritual strength of their own, serve Jezebel and look to that spirit for approval, and instruction. Once a eunuch always a eunuch until you learn how to get free. JEZEBEL, SEDUCING GODDESS OF WAR Your relationship with Jezebel started as someone you admired and was a friendly companion you looked to for counsel. Slowly she became your teacher, helped you make decisions, offered spiritual insight, advice, wisdom, direction, and a sense of security. Maybe she even offered faith-filled words of confirmation and guidance. One day she changed, confusion hit your mind, condemnation set in, you felt insecure, isolated, tired, emotionally drained and ready to give up. http://www.jonasclark.com/sex-soul-ti…

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