Jezebels / Narcissists are DEMON POSSESSED

Want to learn more about the Jezebel/Narcissistic spirit

from the Christian viewpoint and learn how to deal with this wicked spirit from a scriptural perspective? Go ahead and give this video a look and get the help you need from God and His Word to deal with this spirit directly and get the freedom you so need and wan

One from comments to video:

“ These Narcs are a Jezebel demon. They HATE you and will fool you as being loving. They are only focused on destroying you. The Holy Spirit will save you and if you ask for mercy and forgiveness for exposing yourself to this demon He will free you. Do not be fooled, they are REAL AND DEADLY. Their hate is demonic and love to destroy Christians. I thank God He saved me from this Jezebel I was married to…..“

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