New Age Jewish Family SAVED By Jesus

Jeff Morgan (from Guilt Free TV) is a vegan bodybuilder, a Jew from birth, and a former New Ager who was deeply entrenched in this movement for 20 years. After a breakdown he had where he hit rock bottom, his entire family got drawn by Jesus independently, and they all came to Jesus at the same time. He didn’t just go from orthodox Jew to Jesus, or from New Age to Jesus, he and his wife and son all did as well after being drawn independently from one another. I sat down with Jeff to interview him about his story, later to be joined by his sons and wife on camera. Needless to say, it was an emotional and powerful discussion. As he is a vegan YouTuber, and as I myself an interested in health and wellness, Jeff and I spent time after his testimony discussing nutrition, fitness, and even veganism and how they can be understood by the church.

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