How to Recognize Witchcraft Control in the Church

John Eckhardt teaches on recognizing when there is excessive control in a church and if witchcraft is in operation.

How to Recognize Witchcraft in the Church (Charismatic Witchcraft)

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When you hear the word witchcraft, many of us may think of green skinned women wearing black hats riding on broomsticks or people who wave magic wands, cast spells, make potions and have special powers. Almost every year, Hollywood releases some movie about witchcraft or magic or some other inexplicable event that connects with some invisible/spiritual realm. 

When I was travelling in Tanzania, I came across witch doctors who had some special token or amulet that people could buy and wear for whatever ailed them. When I was in Taiwan, I saw my fair share of fortune tellers and palm readers who claimed to be able to foresee the future for a small fee of course. All across America and Europe (and many other countries) there are New Age shops where you can buy crystals and talismans or pay for a psychic reading. All of these have the same root in common and that is control. 
Witchcraft is about control where people seek to control anything and everything through rituals and formulas to achieve personal desires. Why do people seek after control? It is usually out of fear and anxiety. These are the main motivators when it comes to witchcraft. People typically go see a witch doctor, shaman, fortune teller, psychic out of fear and the desire to gain control of what is happening around them, be it people or spirits, because they think „If I can somehow get in control of whatever is causing me anxiety and fear, than I will be safe and secure.“  

Derek Prince says, „When the human race turned from God in rebellion, the power that moved in was witchcraft. Different people groups practice distinctive forms of witchcraft…“  

Whenever any religious activity seeks to control other people, the influence of witchcraft is probably at work. A term that has been coined recently is Charismatic Witchcraft which has different aspects to it (maybe, I will write another post on this, maybe but I wouldn’t hold your breathe). But, I will only highlight one marker here, the misuse of the Name of Jesus in an almost magical way. Jesus addresses this in Matthew 7:21-23 (NIV). 

„Not everyone who says to me, ‚Lord, Lord,“ will enter the kingdom of heaven, but only the one who does the will of my Father who is in heaven. Many will say to me on that day, ‚Lord, Lord, did we not prophesy in your name and in your name drive out demons and in your name perform many miracles? Then I will tell them plainly, ‚I never knew you. Away from me, you evildoers!‘ 

Wow! Those are some intense words from Jesus. But, what I want to highlight here is that 1) Jesus states that He does not know them, meaning they do not have a personal relationship with Jesus and I would question if they are even saved. 2) Even still, they are in fact performing supernatural works in Jesus‘ name. 3) Jesus calls them „evildoers“ another translation says „workers of lawlessness“ (ESV). And lastly, 4) regardless of who is using the Name of Jesus, It is powerful, period. Whoa! What an eye opener. 

After you get over your shock (it may take a few seconds). Here’s a teaching by John Eckhardt on recognizing when there is excessive control in a church and if witchcraft is in operation.

Whoa. Pretty intense stuff. To highlight a few points, the source of witchcraft can come from the flesh, but can also be demonic in origin. There are three main characteristics of witchcraft control: 1) domination, 2) manipulation and 3) intimidation.  
  1. Domination: Ruling over others through excessive pressure and power. It is about controlling people or circumstances through loud outburst of anger and frustration and threats and ultimatums.  
  2. Manipulation: The misuse of a position or the use of emotional means to get their way. It is about controlling people or circumstances through indirect, unfair, or deceptive means to gain the advantage over others.   
  3. Intimidation: The abuse of authority in making people feel small or insignificant, causing them to feel condemned or shamed if they don’t agree with or go along with their plans. It is about controlling people or circumstances through the use of fear tactics with the motive of scaring others to bend to their will.
If you are currently or have been in the past under leadership or been part of an organization that had a culture involving these 3 characteristics. I pray healing and freedom over you right now. I pray the blood of Jesus to cleanse you and I command every demonic spirit connected to witchcraft to leave you right now. I speak grace, goodness, love and blessing over you all in the mighty Name of Jesus. May the love, truth and power of God set you free! 


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