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The Days of Elijah


this wound needs to be healed and the soul tie broken : No person’s soul should be controlled or tied by another. Father, in Jesus, I ask you to forgive me for tolerating the spirit of Jezebel, and for responding in the wrong way. I choose to forgive the offender who wounded me through the power of Jezebel. I release them from any debt, and BLESS ( name the person) , in Jesus name. I RENOUNCE the soulish grip Jezebel has had over me in the past, I BREAK it’s power over me now.
I ask You to show me how to walk free of all the soulish ties of control, and give me a
holy boldness to confront this evil in the right way. I forgive myself for being controlled by Jezebel or Ahab, and I release myself to Your love and grace.
I ask You Father, to give me the strength needed to walk in the Spirit and power of Elijah in these days. You said the joy of the Lord is my strength; I lack the joy I need for the kind of strength I need, so I come to ask you, as the Lord of joy, to impart Your joy to me. I receive it by faith. With this new strength and freedom I will strengthen and free others, and touch the generations. My heart will turn toward the children, and my children’s heart will turn toward their fathers. Above all, I want a re stored relationship with my Heavenly Father. Amen.

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