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Unmasking The Jezebel Spirit

Perhaps you or someone you know suffers from the wrong-doings and evil-dwelling of the Jezebel spirit? The Jezebel spirit is the one of the most DANGEROUS, powerful entities walking among us and has destroyed the lives of MANY. The story of Jezebel traces all the way far back to 1st and 2nd Kings in the bible. The best way to deal with this entity is to EXPOSE IT, IDENTIFY it’s attributes, and pray for discernment and protection because the Jezebel spirit is NOTHING to play with! This video is 37 minutes long, almost like a full-length documentary. In part 2, I’ll be exposing the AHAB spirit (The Male Jezebel spirit). PLEASE LIKE, SHARE, AND COMMENT IF YOU FOUND THIS VIDEO INFORMATIVE. I WANT TO KNOW YOUR THOUGHTS!

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