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Voľne dostupné príručky na webe v anglickom jazyku pre službu oslobodzovania, uzdravovania a duchovného boja od Gene Moodyho

Nasledujúce príručky pre službu oslobodzovania, uzdravovania a duchovného boja  sú voľne dostupné k stiahnutiu:


A comprehensive deliverance instruction manual


A How To Guide for the Deliverance Worker


(A comprehensive guide to receive freedom from witchcraft.)


A ‚how to‘ for engaging in effective spiritual warfare


A manual to guide in healing and deliverance from diseases, assisting in the following steps: 1. First, we should seek GOD for deliverance and healing. This means applying the principles of casting out demons and anointing with oil for healing. 2. Second, we should fast and pray to the LORD for our deliverance and healing. We should allow time for GOD to answer us. This may not be a short period of time. 3. Third, if GOD does not heal or deliver us from the infirmity, seek the medical profession for curative medicines or even operations. 4. Fourth, have someone take us through deliverance (or do self deliverance) for any spiritual effects of taking pharmaceuticals or of the cutting of the flesh. Break and return evil curses that may have been put upon you.

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