Biblical Jericho Overview Tour: Tel es-Sultan, Mount of Temptation, Jordan Valley, Bible, Israel

See an overview of all the amazing things that happened around Jericho! Location 1. Jericho is in the Jordan Valley about 8 miles (13 km.) north of the Dead Sea and about 15 miles (24 km.) east of Jerusalem. 2. It’s situated at 900 ft. (275 m.) below sea level, making it the lowest city in the world. 3. Jericho claims to be the oldest city in the world that has been continuously inhabited. 4. Its name means “City of Palms.” 5. It was located at the crossroads of two main travel routes. It had a north-south route that ran through the Jordan Valley, and an east-west route that connected the east side of the Jordan River with Jerusalem, the Samaritan cities, and the coastal plain cities of the Mediterranean Sea. 6. It has a year-round climate with lots of sun. 7. Tel Jericho is also known today as Tell Es-Sultan.

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