Garden Tomb, Gordon’s Golgotha, Jerusalem Israel: Crucifixion, Resurrection, Ascension of Christ!

Learn about what happened from the resurrection to the ascension of Christ. A detailed look at the Garden Tomb site in Jerusalem, Israel. Filmed in Jerusalem at the Gordon’s Golgotha, Garden Tomb.

1. Gordan’s Garden Tomb is located just 250 yards (220 m.) to the north of the Damascus Gate of Old City Jerusalem. 2. It provides a serene setting in a garden-like place to meditate and reflect upon the death, burial, and resurrection of Christ.
3. It is considered by many as the true location of Golgotha.
4. The traditional location of Golgotha is at the Church of the Holy Sepulchre.
5. Both places have evidence of being the location of Golgotha. However, the Church of the Holy Sepulchre has more tradition and activity surrounding it.
6. Both places are within a stone’s throw of each other so regardless of the location we are still in close vicinity of Golgotha.
7. Because we worship a person and not a place, the exact location is not necessary for understanding and reflecting on what Christ did for us at Golgotha.

Historical Background
1. The property of the Garden Tomb was purchased in 1894 by The Garden Tomb Association.
2. It is a Charitable Trust based in the United Kingdom and is made up of people from many different denominations and national backgrounds.
3. Their passion is to help people understand all Christ did for them on the Cross.
4. The site is maintained by volunteers that come from around the globe and join a team of local Palestinians and Israelis.

Places of Interest
1. Garden Tomb. A cave-like tomb that can be entered. It has a channel at the entrance where a stone could be rolled to cover and uncover the tomb.
2. A rock face cliff that has the form of a skull which is believed to be Golgotha.
3. Damascus Gate
4. Old City Jerusalem
5. Church of the Holy Sepulchre

The Via Dolorosa Tour: See all 14 Stations of Christ’s Path to the Cross, Holy Sepulchre Church

See a professional video about the Via Dolorosa – Christ’s path to the cross. It shows a detailed account of all that happened, plus all the sites where they took place.

1. The Via Dolorosa starts (Station 1) at the original place of the Antonia Fortress, which is currently a Muslim Elementary School.
2. Station 1 is located on Lion’s Gate St., several hundred yards (m.) inside the Old City west of the Lion’s Gate.
3. The Via Dolorosa ends at the Church of the Holy Sepulchre.

Historical Background
1. Via Dolorosa means “The Painful Path.”
2. It’s the route Jesus walked as he went from His trial before Pilate at Antonia’s Fortress to His crucifixion at Golgotha.
3. The Via Dolorosa has 14 stations honoring the events that took place as Christ made His way to Golgotha to be crucified.
4. In the 4th century, Byzantine pilgrims followed a similar path to the one taken today but did not stop along the way.
5. During the 8th century the route changed, it began at the Garden of Gethsemane, headed south to Mount Zion, then returned around the Temple Mount to the Holy Sepulchre.
6. The present route was marked out by the Franciscans in 1342 after the Ottoman Sultan granted them authority over the Christian holy sites in Jerusalem.
7. Nine of the events are biblical, and five are taken from traditional beliefs handed down over the centuries.

Places of Interest
1. Lions’ Gate
2. Temple Mount
3. Antonia Fortress
4. Church of the Holy Sepulchre
5. Ecce Homo Arch
6. Original stone pavement section
7. Old City wall in the time of Christ

Sea of Galilee, Capernaum, Mt. of Beatitudes, Tabgha, Mt. Arbel, Magdala, Tiberias, Bethsaida, Kursi

1. The Sea of Galilee is located in the northern part of Israel known as the Galilee region. Therefore, it’s called the Sea of Galilee.
2. It is also referred to in Scripture by other names like Ginnosar, Lake of Gennesar, Gennesaret, Sea of Chinneroth, Kinneret, and Sea of Tiberias.
3. It’s about 70 miles (115 Km.) north of Jerusalem and about 27 miles (45 Km.) east of the Mediterranean Sea.
4. It is a freshwater lake about 8 miles (13 km.) wide by about 12 miles (19 km.) long, and 150 ft. (46 m.) deep.
5. It is located about 700 ft. (213 m.) below sea level.
6. It is the main freshwater source for much of Israel.
7. Because of its location, storms can arise quickly and drop down onto its surface without much warning.

Bethlehem: Birthplace of Christ – Miesto narodenia Krista

Bethlehem: Birthplace of Christ & Church of the Nativity by

1. Bethlehem is located 6 miles (9 km.) south of Jerusalem.
2. In Bible times, Bethlehem was a farming area with grain fields, and sheep and goats grazed the hillsides. Amazingly, little has changed over the past 3,000 years.
3. It’s on the edge of the Judean Desert that lies to the southeast.
4. Bethlehem is in the West Bank but is very safe. Thousands visit its Christian sites each month with no issues.

David & Goliath Battle: Valley of Elah, Israel. Israelites, Philistines, Azekah, Gath, Ashdod, Saul

See the amazing battle between David and Goliath and understand it like never before. Filmed on location in Israel. See all the sites and places, and learn new things about this story you never knew!

1. The Valley of Elah is about 15 miles (23 km.) west of Bethlehem and about 20 miles (32 km.) east of the Mediterranean Sea.
2. It’s located on the western edge of the Judean lower hills and was an important travel route from the coastal cities up to the center of the land of Judah and its main cities of Bethlehem, Jerusalem, and Hebron. 3. It’s an undeveloped site that can be seen in its natural state. It has parking alongside Hwy 38.
4. The Valley of Elah is best known for the epic battle between young David and the giant Goliath, a skilled veteran warrior.

Gilgal, Israel: Place Joshua, Samuel, Saul, Tabernacle, Altar, 12 Stone Monument, Footprint, Located

Gilgal is one of the most mentioned locations in the Bible. Learn about the history and all the events in the Bible that happened here. Location There are two locations for Gilgal. 1. Tel Gilgal is situated in the Jordan Valley plain at the place of the modern city of Gilgal, which is located about 8 miles (12 km.) north of Jericho on Hwy. 90. 2. Camp Gilgal is located on the eastern edge of Jericho on Hwy. 90.

Biblical Jericho Overview Tour: Tel es-Sultan, Mount of Temptation, Jordan Valley, Bible, Israel

See an overview of all the amazing things that happened around Jericho! Location 1. Jericho is in the Jordan Valley about 8 miles (13 km.) north of the Dead Sea and about 15 miles (24 km.) east of Jerusalem. 2. It’s situated at 900 ft. (275 m.) below sea level, making it the lowest city in the world. 3. Jericho claims to be the oldest city in the world that has been continuously inhabited. 4. Its name means “City of Palms.” 5. It was located at the crossroads of two main travel routes. It had a north-south route that ran through the Jordan Valley, and an east-west route that connected the east side of the Jordan River with Jerusalem, the Samaritan cities, and the coastal plain cities of the Mediterranean Sea. 6. It has a year-round climate with lots of sun. 7. Tel Jericho is also known today as Tell Es-Sultan.

The Miraculous Exodus Route, Red Sea Crossing, & Mt. Sinai! A Biblical View and New Discoveries!

The miraculous exodus route the Israelites took from Egypt, the location of the Red Sea Crossing, and the location of Mt. Sinai. This video uses the Bible, along with new evidence and discoveries, to bring this foundational biblical event to life. The miracles surrounding this story, and the new discoveries that have been found in the last 50 years, reveal that the Exodus, Red Sea Crossing, and Mt. Sinai are much greater than most think. See this video to get the most accurate, and biblical analysis of these events. See places like Succoth, Elam, Wilderness of Sin, Nuweiba Port, Marah, Elim, Caves of Jethro, Rephidim, Altar of Jehovah Nissi, Altar of Moses, Altar of Aaron, Elijah’s Cave, Mount Jebel al Lawz, and more.

Sodom & Gomorrah Location, New Discoveries, Example of Judgement, Dead Sea, Abraham, Lot, Masada

See a powerful video about the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah, and witness amazing new discoveries that confirm their existence and location. God chose to destroy these wicked cities, and all throughout the Bible He speaks of Sodom and Gomorrah as an example of judgment to come for those who reject Him. Prepare yourself to be touched as you watch this unique video! Location 1. Sodom and Gomorrah are located around the eastern side of the Dead Sea. 2. Gomorrah is located at the base of Masada, and Sodom is about 13 miles (20 km.) south of Gomorrah. 3. Though the actual locations of the cities are somewhat disputed, the growing evidence reveals that the locations are quite certain. This evidence is provided in the following section.

Truhla zmluvy a krv – Objavenie truhly zmluvy

Určite si spomínate na video dokument od skúseného profesionálneho archeológa Jonathana Graya „Prekvapivé nálezy o truhle zmluvy“, kde ako jeden z prvých zverejnil informácie o objavení truhly zmluvy a kde pomerne dôsledne zdokumentoval jednotlivé udalosti z archeologických prác Rona Wyatta pod Lebečným pahorkom, ktoré trvali viac ako 10. rokov. Je ale pravdou, že kvalita obrazu a zvuku nebola dobrá aj napriek tomu, že Milan Latka sa snažil technicky vylepšiť na čo najlepšiu možnú kvalitu tento originálny dokument od J. Graya s jeho povolením.

Sodoma a Gomora z dronu

Video z kanála:

Mrtvé moře, Izrael. V jednom z nejpustších míst na zemi se nachází zpopelněné pozůstatky celých bývalých biblických měst. Svědectví, které se uvnitř nalezlo, je neomylné. Existuje jen jedno možné logické vysvětlení…Údolí Mrtvého moře je nejníže položené místo na zemi. Svažuje se mezi Izraelem a Jordánskem do hloubky téměř 410 m pod mořskou hladinou. Je známé jako Mrtvé nebo Solné (Asfaltové) moře.

V okolí se nachází několik stejných scenérií zaniklých měst. Tato veliká města byla zničena společně s jejím okolím (Juda 7, Jeremiáš 50,39-40). V okolí se totiž nacházela předsunutá vojenská stanoviště, obydlí lidí, kteří byli vypuzeni z měst pro nemoc apod. V okolí těchto měst vedly trasy karavanních cest, které zde vedly z východu. Karavany skupovali v těchto městech asfalt, který se zde těžil, aby ho výhodně prodávali na západním pobřeží přístavních měst (Yaffo apod.). Proto také tato města rychle bohatla z možností, které jim místní příroda nabízela. Nebyly to jen pěstitelské možnosti, které jim nabízela skvělá poloha, ale i zmiňovaný asflat, který se zde těžil. I Josephus Flavius, židovský historik, píše ve své knize Válka Židovská, kniha 4, kap. 8 o asfaltovém jezeru, kde na hladině jsou vidět kusy hrud velkých jako krávy. Ke správné lokalizaci těchto měst přispívá i tento fakt, neboť také Bible toto místo zmiňuje jako místo asfaltových studnic (1. Moj. 14,10). Také se zmiňuje o údolí, kde JE JIŽ NYNÍ moře solné (1. Moj. 14,3). V okolí moře neroste nic bez účinného zásahu lidské ruky. I tento fakt máme v Bibli zaznamenán v 1. Moj. 19, 24-25.

Pohľad na tvar pozostatkov Noeho korábu/archy z dronu

V roku 2019 skupina okolo Kevina Fischera uskutočnila na jar a na jeseň dve expedičné návštevy do tejto oblasti v Turecku za účelom nasnímať pomocou technológie dronov miesto, kde sa nachádzajú pozostatky z Noemovho korábu/archy.

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Andrew Jones prijal pozvanie do Veľkej Británie a dostal priestor v relácii TV Late Show na prezentáciu svojich výskumných expedícii v Saudskej Arábii. Kliknutím nižšie na – zobraziť video – sme umiestnili dokumentárne video z tohto stretnutia. Tieto informácie sú nielen zaujímavé, ale majú vysokú faktografickú hodnotu. Som veľmi rád, že máme tento dokument nadabovaný v českom jazyku. Chcem sa poďakovať priateľom Milanovi Drobíkovi, ktorý zmenežoval a zafinancoval preklad tohto video dokumentu a Paľkovi Mukovi za preklad-dabing a jeho technickú realizáciu.