10 Ways Narcissistic Leaders Can Devastate a Church

10 spôsobov, ako narcistický vedúci môžu zničiť cirkev, spoločenstvo

Twenty or more years ago, when someone was mean, we called him mean. When someone was self-centered, we called her that.

When we saw egotism, we knew that person had an inflated ego. Even when we recognized someone as having an evil and manipulative heart, we knew they weren’t following Jesus or His loving ways. But we didn’t use the term “narcissistic” to describe all of these character traits in just one person.
Narcissism has become a very popular word in the last five or more years. And now we’re seeing it more and more in the Church as well – the end times are near. That’s why it’s so important we keep talking about this topic so we can recognize the narcissist’s folly and don’t get ensnared. 

The Definition of Narcissism and How it Shows Up in Leaders:
The definition of narcissism is having a grandiose opinion of oneself (lover of self), lacking empathy for others (brutal and without love), and the constant need for admiration (boastful, proud and conceited).
According to Psychology Today, “Narcissism and leadership have been widely studied, and there is some evidence that narcissists succeed in attaining leadership positions. This makes sense, because they are confident, assertive, and focused on self-interests. They know what they want (to be the leader), they believe they are the best person for the job, and they have no doubt that they should be in charge.”

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