Čo je Alfa kurz – What is the Alpha Course?

Question: „What is the Alpha Course?“

This article takes a very cautious view of the Alpha Course. We do recognize, however, that the Alpha Course has been a tremendous help to many Christians. Many people have come to faith in Jesus Christ through the Alpha Course. Many more have been strengthened in their faith and knowledge of God’s Word because of the Alpha Course. So, why do we give a warning about the Alpha Course? The problem is that the Alpha Course can be very different depending on the church/organization that is using it. In the hands of a solidly evangelical teacher, the Alpha Course can be excellent. In the hands of someone trying to push beliefs and practices that are biblically questionable, the Alpha Course can be used to indoctrinate and mislead. As with any course or teaching, we must be diligent and discerning. We must diligently study God’s Word on our own and reject anything that contradicts the Bible. We must be discerning in evaluating the qualifications of the person or people teaching the course.

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